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cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

Mistveil Followers - Farkas and Vilkas

Fanfic Background


Jenny LeClue-Detectivú

Not Nancy Drew, but Jenny LeClue, a new face in the choose-your-own story mystery adventure scene. This is to be a trilogy mystery game series with a rich, involving story and plenty of mystery to satiate your curiosities. The kickstarter has been fully funded however there’s almost two days left to pledge in and get your rewards! With the game Greenlit on Steam as well, the team is set to go and plans on releasing an alpha by Spring 2015. There’s a lot to be discovered in this charming adventure that we look forward to by the beginning of next year!


Climate Overhauls - Summer Winter Tropical by AceeQ


I feel like this summarizes Skyrim modding very accurately. 


I feel like this summarizes Skyrim modding very accurately. 


Mist, Water, and Cloudy Skies

I’m reuploading the link to my previous version of Grim Winter ENB Redux (with the required binary files already included), for people who have been asking me for the link. No, this isn’t the newest version, that’s in a couple of weeks.

Download here. Enjoy.

This is a ENB preset everyone should try, at least once, instead of going all “worship mode” over those uber-high-quality presets that run at 10 fps or those more of the same cinematics enb just because a bunch of screenarchers sell them as cool-highschool material.

Amazing colors, custom shaders, custom weathers’ settings, balanced.


a post where I explain with images how foxes are the best thing ever, and how if you disagree you are obviously wrong

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Aela’s Travels - Mistveil Followers


The Worst Customers in Video Games

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[Skyrim Lore] What’s wrong with the Battle-Borns?

So, I was giving some advices to a guy who’s doing a Skyrim’s NPCs’ replacer.
This guy, Mizzog77, is kinda motivated with his intention of doing a big replacer not only of many followers (the classic Companions, for now) but he also wants to redo certain NPCs, even those who aren’t exactly super popular: like the Grey-Manes and the Battle-Borns.

Now, aside the fact that Bethesda put Eorlund as a Nord in his 40s-50s and his wife Fralia as a “Elder”, making them more like mother-and-son than husband-and-wife.. that it isn’t exactly clear what’s the age of their children, which look old but they shouldn’t be (or Eorlund should be older, whatever)..
What freaked me out are the Battle-Borns.

Olfrind is said to have 3 sons: Idolaf, Jon and Alfhind.
In a specific dialogue, Olfrind praises the son who fights for the Empire (Idolaf), while it’s almost clear the other 2 are the sons of Olfrid and Bergritte.
It seems the Creation Kit use the “parent” word to define relationships between datas, but the game’s lore itself doesn’t help a bit to understand the whole Battle Fucking Borns.

Here comes the pain.
Lars is Idolaf’s and Alfhind’s son, and the 2 are married.
I searched and searched through the net and it’s confirmed that Idolaf slept with his sister and made a son, Lars, who is phisically weaker than the other kids.. which can be justified with the fact he is inbred.
This seems also confirmed by the CK.
But, looking at the CK, Idolaf and Bergritte are Jon’s parents.
Idolaf, by the way, is Olfrind’s and Bergritte’s son, and that’s also confirmed through the dialogues like I wrote earlier.

Do you get the whole issue?
Idolaf just made a son with both his mother and his sister.

So, what I want to understand is: there is someone, out there in the net, who can explain me what’s the real status of the Battle-Borns? Who’s son of who?!
What’s their freaking problem?! Are they True Detectives’ material?!

May Talos have mercy of them.

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