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haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa HAAAAAAAAAA DOVAHKIIN DOVAHKIIN 

                                  NAAL OK ZIN LOS VAHRIIN

wah dein                                                                                                                           vokul

                                        mahfaeraak ahst vaal!

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Mistveil Followers - Jordis (Random pics)

Don’t forget to check Mistveil ENB’s latest update HERE

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Mistveil ENB .250/260 Update is Live!

I finally decided to update the presets and put them online after a long time.. so check them out on Nexus! Click Me!




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Mistveil Followers - Jordis the Swordmaiden

Fanfiction Background Story

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Faces of Skyrim Exhibition Two


The second exhibition from Faces of Skyrim is up!
Click here to check the screenshots

Usually it’s very difficult for a “sequel” to overcome the original, and in this particular case the first exhibition set a standard very high to reach.
In this second gallery there are screenshots I would have seen in the first gallery (let’s say 3-4 of them) so I am not surprised to see them in this second exhibition, but still I find this gallery a bit “curious” because of some choices made regarding the other screenshots (I still wonder why my comment was deleted btw), in all my amateurish person I would have chosen differently.. so I suggest to look the exhibition’s gallery, but check the people who have been selected and take a look at their screenshots in their Flickr’s gallery :)

Credits for the image to Grunt ²

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Bandit and Hunter

Mistveil’s Followers Iona - alternative version

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I just found this gem on facebook and it is glorious


I just found this gem on facebook and it is glorious





Blaine proposing to Disney Princesses plus Gaston



no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather